Alkali Sink NCBA nominee

I was gobsmacked last week to learn that Alkali SInk was nominated by the Northern California Book Reviewers for a Northern California Book Award for Poetry. It's unfathomable that my little ol' pome collection was seen as worthy of existing in the same field as Gary Snyder, Juan Felipe Herrera, John Shoptaw, Ellery Akers, and Joshua Clover...but there it is, and I'm happy as hell to be there. 

I'm now obsessing over what to wear at the ceremony on Sunday May 15. The award ceremony takes place at Koret Auditorium at the SF Library; proceeds from copies of books sold will go to the SFPL and the SF Friends of the Library. As a librarian, this warms my heart to no end. As a poet, this is the best thing ever. As a mom and a sister, I am so proud to represent my family. As a person who likes to wear ironic leopard print, considering an outfit is pretty fun. I'm thinking What Would Carrie Brownstein Wear.